Ep003: Stacy Fisher-Gunn – Be Kind to Yourself

What do we mean when we talk about “Self-Care?” This episode will help you assess your own self-care needs, along with providing some down to earth strategies to creating a self-care plan.

Learn how important a self-care plan is and why it’s helpful to design one and have it in place in case of crisis within your life.

Pick yourself up and enjoy more happiness in your life.

Stacy Fisher-Gunn, RDN, CD, CDE is a down-to-earth dietitian and self-care designer who helps women pick themselves up from life’s heavy moments and live up to their fullest potential.

Learn more about her book Uppward: A Self-Care System for Purposeful Living, and her unique 8-dimensional self-care model that serves as a practical guide for healthy living: https://www.livingupp.com/

Here is a direct link to Stacy’s Self-Care list: https://www.livingupp.com/self-care-idea-list/

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