Ep010: Dr. Brad Reedy – Become Alive Again

During this powerful conversation, Dr. Brad Reedy explains why it’s imperative for parents to detach in a healthy way and why over-identifying with our children can have lasting consequences.

As parents, we must take our own well-being into our hands and make our own lives our project. Our children are not responsible for our serenity! It’s important for us to treat our children as a person, allow them to have their feelings, love their “otherness,” and avoid trying to “fix them.”

This episode has fascinating insights for all parents, including the transformative message to help anyone who is struggling, “You are not alone, and I am with you.”

Dr. Brad Reedy is a Co-owner and the Clinical Director of Evoke Therapy Programs, an experientially-based therapy program for adolescents, young adults and families. He has served on the Board of the Utah Department of Child and Family Services and the board of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. He is also the Founder of Enlightening Relationships and provides parent coaching, couples’ therapy, and individual therapy.

Dr. Reedy has developed an accessible and liberating approach to adolescents, young adults, and their parents. His powerful ability to use his own story and stories from the thousands of families he has treated offers hope to families suffering from mental health, addiction, and stage-of-life issues. He is a captivating public speaker and has been invited to deliver several keynote addresses on wilderness therapy, treatment of addiction, and parenting.

Dr. Reedy is the author of The Journey of the Heroic Parent: Your Child’s Struggle & the Road Home, published by Reganarts. He is also an associate producer of the upcoming play “Wilderness,” Premiering in NYC at the Abrons Arts Center with a national tour in 2017, “Wilderness” is an original multi-media, documentary theater production from En Garde Arts, telling the story of six families participating in wilderness therapy.

Personal YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUrznbBJk3OSoc_1nldNWg
Personal Website: http://drbradreedy.com
Twitter: @27bmr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drbradreedy/
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Dr. Reedy’s Book – The Journey of the Heroic Parent:

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