Do you love someone who battles addiction?

Trying to “survive” without the support of people who understand what you’re going through can often lead to deep feelings of shame and prolonged suffering for you and the addict.

With this podcast, I hope to shine a light on these issues to help shift focus away from the darkness and on to a life of hope.


Welcome, I’m Shar Jones, the host of Beyond Hope. I’m a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Recovery Coach, and Mom.

As the Mother of an addict, I understand the journey and am passionate about being of service to those who want to live a more meaningful life.

Guests for the show will include well-respected experts in the industry. The interviews, along with some personal stories of hope, will discuss ways to alleviate and even eliminate common stumbling blocks for moms of those in active addiction and recovery.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Would you like to be interviewed?

I really want to hear from you! Your story is important to me. To submit interest in contributing to the blog or being a part of the podcast, please reach out with questions or comments.

Interviews take less than an hour and your personal experience could help others. Please click here to schedule.

I promise to respond as soon as I can.

Shar Jones

Host, Writer, & Coach, Beyond Hope

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