Ep018: Shar Jones & Chad Stephens – Understanding Addiction: Am I Enabling? (Part 1 of 2)

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This is the first episode of a 6 part mini-series with Chad, a deep dive into some of the core questions and challenges surrounding addiction in some families.

Be sure to tune into Part 2 for an exciting announcement you won’t want to miss!!

So, what is enabling?

As parents, we always want to do what’s best for our children. It’s always been that way.

But, are we helping or are we enabling? Are we making it easy for them to make poor or good choices? Ask yourself, “How can I enable my child to do the right thing?”

First, it’s important to recognize the signs and beware of the “land mines.” Try not to get caught up in the addict’s timeline and if needed, take a “time out” for yourself so you can get some support.

It can be helpful to prepare in advance for the difficult conversations and go into them with some “go to” phrases. Watch for the manipulation, and remember saying “No” is okay, it doesn’t mean you are being a bad parent.

If you have questions or topics you’d like Chad and I to discuss on future episodes, please send your suggestions to Shar@BeyondHopeRadio.com.

About Chad:

Chad works in Admissions and Outreach at Habilitat, Inc. – a long-term (2-year) residential addiction treatment and vocational training program in Hawaii. He’s been in Hawaii for the past 7 years, where he initially moved to the islands to treat his heroin addiction through Habilitat’s program. Habilitat gave Chad a life worth living.

He enjoys outdoor activities, is an active member of a local Rotary Club, serves on the board of Aloha United Ways – Society of Young Leaders, and enjoys the occasional trip to California to visit family and friends.

Web – https://www.habilitat.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Habilitat/
Phone: 1-800-872-2525

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S3E5: I’ve Been Waiting For You

I’m back with a special episode. I, like many, have struggled a lot this past year. But I’ve found some wonderful help, I am so grateful.

S3E1: Learning to Live with Your Loved One’s Addiction

I wanted to let you know that if you are struggling with anything, whatever it is that you’re going through, if you’re struggling right now, just know that you’re not alone. And I too have been struggling over the last six months.

S2E3: Advocating for Addiction Recovery… And Our Loved Ones

What’s been happening? During this episode, I chat with you a little bit about what’s been going on in my world. I know my last episode kind of left things in just a state of flux. I had recorded kind of what I was going through at that moment and I try hard to be as transparent as I can with this podcast while also respecting my daughter. I feel really, really blessed because my daughter is so supportive of what I’m doing…

S2E2: That Familiar Place

Tonight, I’m recording this episode from an old familiar place. I recently learned that my daughter, who had been doing so well. Left rehab after 15 months. She just walked away from it. All the hard work. The relationships that she’d built. Right now, this second, I am sickened with worry, fear, and feelings of guilt … wondering what went wrong? What did I miss? And why?

S2E1: Dealing with Traditions and Old Memories

Today, I want to talk about traditions and how hard we push ourselves to recreate old memories, perhaps memories from a time when things were easier and how hard that is to do realistically, because we’ve changed.

To The Parent of An Addict

A page from my journal… I’m putting it all out there. For other parents of addicts who may be struggling, or anyone else who has thought about giving up.

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