Ep017: Stephanie Myer – Choose to Grow Your Beautiful, Internal Garden

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Stephanie Myer, as The Martyr Coach, helps people reclaim their identity and higher purpose so they can stop the self-imposed suffering and start their truth-telling journey.

In her work, she partners with clients to come up with the specific program to meet them where they are at and begin to live life in alignment with who they truly are and always have been at their core. Not who they think they should be for others, or unintentionally taking on traits of others around them. 

Unfortunately, many people choose to suffer, not consciously, but somewhat automatically. A martyr tends to be someone who is so intent on helping to try and fix or help others, they neglect their own self-care.

This allows the martyr’s internal “garden” to become trampled and damaged, which they then guard, blocking out the good with the bad. The martyr then tires of tending their own garden and puts their focus on tending someone else’s, to the detriment of both.

Stephanie explains the Dreaded Drama Triangle as first articulated by Dr. Stephen Karpman in the 1960’s, which describes the different roles of the Victim, the Rescuer, and the Persecutor. She also goes into detail regarding the power of the positive alternative, The Empowerment Dynamic (TED), with the roles focusing on the Creator, the Challenger, and the Coach. TED allows you to choose to not be a victim and makes room for positive mindset shifts to happen.

Understanding how these can directly correlate with moms and parents challenged by addiction within their families can help them recognize dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes, which will help set them free to live beyond hope.

Web: http://www.themartyrcoach.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StephanieMyerTheMartyrCoach/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-myer-acc-40078379/
Email: stephaniemyer@themartyrcoach.com
Phone: 1-425-530-0329

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