S3E5: I’ve Been Waiting For You

Hi, it’s been a while, but I’m back with a special episode. I, like many, have struggled a lot this past year. But I’ve found some wonderful help, I am so grateful.

I share all the details in this episode, and I also share a special poem:

I’ve been waiting for you.

It seems like years.

Take a moment and breathe.

Feel your feet on the ground.

The earth can hold you now.

Your work is done.

Let your eyelids rest.

And just breathe.

Did you notice?

You’re still here.

You’re still breathing.

Your heart still beats.

Open your eyes now.

Look around you.

Do things seem different?

That’s because you are different.

The sun seems to shine brighter.

The butterflies come out to greet you and birds fly by to say hello.

Did you feel that gentle breeze in your hair?

That was just for you.


You’ve been working so hard.

Now you can just be still.

It’s time to love yourself.

It’s time to allow hope to re-enter your life.

It’s about you now.

Your work is done. Don’t they have everything they need?

You’ve been given another chance.

Sip in the oxygen, then set your voice and your words free.

From this day forward, you will no longer hold yourself responsible for the happiness of others.

It’s time for you to live renewed.

S3E1: Learning to Live with Your Loved One’s Addiction

I wanted to let you know that if you are struggling with anything, whatever it is that you’re going through, if you’re struggling right now, just know that you’re not alone. And I too have been struggling over the last six months.

S2E3: Advocating for Addiction Recovery… And Our Loved Ones

What’s been happening? During this episode, I chat with you a little bit about what’s been going on in my world. I know my last episode kind of left things in just a state of flux. I had recorded kind of what I was going through at that moment and I try hard to be as transparent as I can with this podcast while also respecting my daughter. I feel really, really blessed because my daughter is so supportive of what I’m doing…

S2E2: That Familiar Place

Tonight, I’m recording this episode from an old familiar place. I recently learned that my daughter, who had been doing so well. Left rehab after 15 months. She just walked away from it. All the hard work. The relationships that she’d built. Right now, this second, I am sickened with worry, fear, and feelings of guilt … wondering what went wrong? What did I miss? And why?

S2E1: Dealing with Traditions and Old Memories

Today, I want to talk about traditions and how hard we push ourselves to recreate old memories, perhaps memories from a time when things were easier and how hard that is to do realistically, because we’ve changed.

To The Parent of An Addict

A page from my journal… I’m putting it all out there. For other parents of addicts who may be struggling, or anyone else who has thought about giving up.

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